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Bibcock enterprise cross-border transformation Jia zhaoye hotel layout strategy

Date: 2014-10-23

In the industry under the background of increasingly mature, the depth of the market, each big enterprise, have launched cross-border transformation exploration, such as vanke, cooperating with baidu on the commercial real estate, mineral water also has permanently big investment, and many other cases.
And has been developing rapidly in recent years good trillion industry also grasp the opportunities in the transformation development, because of the momentum, accelerated the pace of upgrading transformation and industrialization and diversified development. Data shows, in many of the third party developers sales ranking in the first half of this year, jia zhaoye are comfortably in the mainland enterprise, top 20.
According to reporter understanding, invested by good trillion industry group, commissioned the world famous marriott international group carries on the management of the first international brand hotel - jia zhaoye courtyard hotel opened on June 28, that means good trillion industry formally entered the stage of high star hotel operations. As a good trillion industry group is an important part of commercial layout, good trillion industry in the field of hotel operations management is first eventful, corporate diversification strategy is also gradually spread.
In fact as early as 2012, trillion already signed an agreement with marriott, create the first brand shenzhen east top coastal resorts - jia zhaoye gold shawan marriott hotel, the hotel with a total investment of about 1 billion yuan, is expected to officially opened in 2015. Jia zhaoye courtyard of the practice, is also a good trillion industry hand in hand and the marriott 5 projects of the first opening hotel.
Via the personage inside course of study to understand, good trillion industry as early as several years ago has been involved in the hospitality industry, good trillion industry group vice President of the Vietnam also has said that sun jia zhaoye pay close attention to developments in the field of business, hotel operation for a long time, since 2005 has done a lot of stock research and summarize test, jia zhaoye hotel strategy is well-grounded, has been fruitful. Jia zhaoye courtyard opening only a small step, the future will create more landmark hotel.
At the same time, jia zhaoye in the field of hotel and high-end hotels have been all-round cooperation, in addition to the marriott international group, jia zhaoye also cooperate with other international hotel brands, including cooperation with starwood dalian jia zhaoye westin hotel, cooperate with international hotel group accor huizhou jia zhaoye pullman hotel and so on.
In addition, in April this year, jia zhaoye win as shenzhen land transfer of the largest in the history of the "big MAC" plot, the project will build a world-class coastal ecotourism projects with international influence, including jia zhaoye elaborate design, preparation and construction of luxury hotel group.
About the hotel operation management, good trillion industry, the company will actively develop business hotel catering operation management business, good trillion industry group chairman of the board Guo Ying into has said that 10% of commercial property in the company, and as a crucial part of hotel business, is advantageous to the overall layout of the commercial industry, also is helpful to the sustainable development of the enterprise.
Vietnam, said sun jia zhaoye building star-level hotels and commercial hotel management and service system is trying to diversify, want to hold a certain business, hotel project for its sustainable development, rather than a single rely on the development of residential project. After the company long-term development, scale expansion required plate balancing act.
To this, the expert inside course of study points out that, pure type available property development, although can bring a lot of cash for the enterprise, but also increased the instability of the enterprise. Increase hold assets, considerable cash revenues annually, is conducive to enhance the anti-risk ability of enterprises, make enterprises to develop more robust.