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Leisure services, hotel into destination

Date: 2014-09-28

Due to the geographical advantages, some hotels also provide rock climbing and other sports services. Lin Xibing taken some resort also provides service of teaching yoga. Great bay hotel, located in the seaside of shenzhen a shekel provides sea area green lane stroll, overlooking the mirs bay, overlooking the mountains of Hong Kong, the mountains of fresh air to breathe.
Decoding the hotel service
Hotel, only to find a bed at night? Now more and more passengers can take the hotel as their destination. Sightseeing, food, outdoor activities, such as hotel also is providing more and more leisure services, let visitors as long as you live in the hotel, is enough to finish a rich travel.
The status quo
The hotel tourism industry in the upstream and downstream
Traditional hotel there is always a "at home" service philosophy, hope the hotel can bring you feel like home. The rise of resorts to modern hotels under the competition to transcend the feeling of "home", enriching the connotation of the hotel more service, let you have the curiosity of unknown, set instead of a mystery to the hotel is more and more tourists, the hotel gradually turned into a destination.
The Location of the hotel is the most important at this time of "Location" is no longer on the basis of the transportation is convenient. Perhaps the Location of the hotel is in a unique environment, the design of the hotel and more integrated into the environment, which makes you don't have to leave the hotel or only in the hotel around has been able to enjoy the beautiful scenery, enjoy the participation in play. Travel tour, food, children's summer camp, yoga, outdoor activities and other services, is the hotel leisure service. Because of these services, the hotel has swept the whole tourism industry chain on the middle and lower reaches.
Leisure services decoding
Hotel leisure services, mainly for some hotel holiday atmosphere is strong, they may provide some hotel around activities or services, such as short tourism, mountaineering, learn cooking. The hotel also according to their respective advantages, design a unique leisure service activities, therefore, leisure services and closely related to the location of the hotel, and even the same brand hotel, in different areas, the leisure services may be completely different.
Service 1: leisure activities at sea
Almost every a seaside resort hotel provide maritime activities such as at sea, some hotels also provide courses. Can provide these activities of the hotel, of course, generally also need to have a private beach, let visitors can view sea, LAN, tea, body and mind to relax completely.
Usually maritime activities such as snorkeling, sailing, take a boat out to sea, typically, the hotel has a fixed time to organize such activities, visitors can book in advance and participate in, but also need to pay another some activities.
[for example]
Generally speaking, the resort has the corresponding activities of the sea, especially in hainan island, the island of phuket, the maldives and so on some holiday island hotel, if you don't want to travel, in the province of shenzhen can find the hotel by the sea.
A shed large such as shenzhen bay hotel, which is a club resort hotel, located in kwai chung tai wan city blatant, embrace the shenzhen east most quiet coastline. Because of conditions allow, canoeing in the morning, we have exciting, paddle board at the beginning of surfing, sailing experience and cliff rappel experience. If the weather is good, one day in advance reservation, can be in a canoe the next day, to meet the morning of the first beam of light, catch a glimpse of that moment the beautiful scenery. The OARS and upright single paddle surf, panels, also known as cross sea sail, led by a professional coach, can enjoy two water sports popular in the world, exciting and wonderful. Adventurous visitors, you must not miss experience using a professional ropes and equipment lowered 9 meters cliff breathtaking moment. In addition, visitors can also blow the cool wind at sea, themselves preparing food for dinner. Canoeing, SU P, early sailing experience is free, but the cliff rappel experience have to pay.
Generally speaking, participate in the activities of hotel can meet the needs of a vacation. But some guests feel star hotel services provided by the price may be higher, compared with the activities of the hotel. In general, including free project, or worth the experience.
Service 2: walking outdoors sports
Holiday hotel is located in the city on the outskirts of commonly, if accustomed the neon of fast-paced city life, to resort to relax, to outdoor sports is a good choice, in order to make residents have a more comfortable experience, hotel will be according to its geographical advantages, to arrange some good places to widen the vision. Step such as mountain climbing, behavior, etc.
[for example]
Haikou mission hills hotel has fully launched special line of ecological tourism, open time is between 8 am and 6 PM, no longer accept guests enter after 5 PM.
A special eco-tourism has this open interest nature ecological diameter and diameter, visitors can experience on foot fabulous wonderful nature scenery, experience the endless charm of nature. Walking sites ecological diameter, witness - blackstone stadium hainan ancient villages and towns throughout the rise and fall of ancient villages; By way of natural ecology in leafy century-old tree, see yan, swallowtail magic purple crow butterflies scenes, and red squirrels, anoles, such as zero distance contact, and the whole process is free of charge.
In addition, the great bay hotel, located in the seaside of shenzhen a shekel provides sea area green lane stroll, overlooking the mirs bay, overlooking the mountains of Hong Kong, the mountains of fresh air to breathe.
Outdoor sports is the activity of when staying in a hotel is often overlooked. Most vacationing industry hotel located in the air is good, the scenery beautiful place, there may be water, mountains near these virtually become hotel value-added activities.
3: learn yoga, tai chi
Yoga, tai chi, the two Oriental ancient sport that always seems to merge with hotel environment as a whole. In the city can only in indoor activities, to the star hotel, can in the sea, hills, the grass, good air, body and mind are happy, seems to be more understand the so-called "nature and humanity" ancient realm.
Such services provided by the hotel, and generally have a fixed time, place, or even a coach to lead, for beginners and live an addiction.