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Shenzhen international household act the role ofing is tasted exhibition design trip - to visit shenzhen back to the hotel

Date: 2014-08-05

On July 27, with the development of the shenzhen international exhibition of household act the role ofing is tasted, the visit of designers studio tour also began a trip, the station, we come to the boutique hotel designed by Mr Yang Bangsheng - back to the hotel in shenzhen.
Shenzhen back to the hotel is by designer Mr Yang Bangsheng with Italy LA PARGAY together to build the brand fashion boutique hotel. Mr Yang Bangsheng draw inspiration from LAPARGAY brand pure black and white style, into the Oriental culture elements in the contracted and contemporary space, make a fashionable and elegant hotel space. Formal hotel opening time, July 11, 2014, the main building 8 floors, a total of 85 rooms (sets).
The trip to visit the hotel in the designer of up to 50, engaged in interior design and display design, from different parts of the country. Hotel consultant miss liu is the receiver of the trip, she showed us around the main area of the hotel, and give the detailed introduction, benefit from our designers.
We visited the hotel lobby, everywhere have a design, strong style of black and white collocation, tonal changes in temperature, the use of a large wooden, full of birds, let a person feel very relaxed. Then go to the top floor of the hotel, the eighth floor dining area and book (in fact is the sixth floor, according to the guangdong customs, no fourth floor and the seventh floor, so the order 123568.) 180 degree panoramic views of the appreciation, can see the entire shenzhen central park, the thick foliage. Eight back after visiting, we went to the presidential suites, presidential suites, covers an area of 180 square meters living room has a 270 - degree wide Angle on location, sitting on the shenzhen night scene, the main bed used the lamborghini customization of bed material, accord with human body engineering, let a guest sleep more comfortable. Last visit is the hotel on the first floor Chinese food area, Chinese food is entitled "guangdong color", dining-room USES a large amount of wooden material, lingnan features, and there are many creative combinations, such as abacus to replace the screen, the division of space, but the density of space and space coherent integration.